Weekend Shenanigans 💫

Weekend Shenanigans 💫

Hi guys,

I’m really excited to do this post because it is quite different from my usual beauty related post. I recently got the idea of incorporating some lifestyle posts here on my blog too as i thought it would be fun. I will be posting a beauty related post that will go up every thursday as usual; however, there will be these type of posts going up sometime during the week too!

Recently, my family and i decided to go for a bit of an outing and check out Citywalk, Beach Canteen and after that go watch the sunset at Dubai Creek Harbour which are all really famous places in Dubai.

City Walk:IMG_1672

City Walk is this beautiful place with cafe’s and restaurants, in an outside retail style complex with a tree-lined boulevard and central fountain. It’s so lively there especially on the weekends and i absolutely love the architecture there. For a second, it seems like you are in a completely different country which makes the experience all the more amazing.

Beach Canteen:

Next stop was Beach Canteen which is located on Kite Beach and has everything from restaurants, open air cinema, farmer’s market, open mic night and so much more. Seriously, this place is the place to be! As we were all starving by that time, we decided to get some snacks from the food trucks there:


Can we just take a minute to appreciate this deliciousness?! I’m seriously obsessed with cheese fries and don’t even get me started on lotus shakes, even thinking about it right now is making want to have it RIGHT NOW!!

Dubai Creek Harbour:

If you guys want to get some amazing photos of Burj Khalifa at the sunset, then this is where you need to go!


How gorgeous is this scenery! I got so many amazing photos and would definitely want to visit this place again.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this mini weekend outing post!

What did you guys do at the weekend? Let me know!

Thank you for reading! xx

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  1. O wow, superb, I didn’t know this part of Dubai, Next time I visit I will definitely pay a visit of it. I am a little bit familiar of dubai. So please correct me, this will come from Deraa side?

          1. Than you are at the right place. But Riyadh now has changed a lot. I am Jeddah based.

            Will look forward to more recommended site to take pictures.

            I took one shot, while going to Global Village, their is a place where almost empty quarters comes in. The view from that angle of Burj Khalifa is similar to th one you shot except you have one addition which is water.

            So I prefer you destination much more in this case. You can take loads of shots at the similar venue with different angles and settings.

          2. Oh I moved from there to UAE at a very young age so I can imagine it must be very different now!
            Oh yes I think I know what you are talking about, there are many places where you can get amazing picture but not a lot where you get to enjoy the sunset set as well ☺️

          3. I think DBX govt have made wonderful efforts to have on such a small strip of land, so many opportunities to snap the pictures.

            Always a pleasure visiting your end. Something new to offer every time.

    1. Don’t they?! I could have some right now hahah
      Yeah the sunset looked even more beautiful in real life!
      That sounds really nice, I do love chill weekends where I get to just spend time with family and friends ☺️

  2. Everything just looks amazing! The food, the sunset. I went to Dubai about ten years ago now, and I remember how good the food was. If I go back, I will be going to these places. xx

    1. Wow that’s’ a long time, yes, you should if you visit and it has changed so much over the past couple of years, you will definitely enjoy it!
      Thanks for reading 💕💕

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