Beauty Products NOT Worth The Hype!

Beauty Products NOT Worth The Hype!

Hey guys!

Let me ask you a question: Don’t you just hate it when you finally purchase that super hyped up beauty product that you have had your eye on for awhile only to realise it isn’t that great after all! Well, in today’s post I will talking about 5 products that in my opinion just did NOT live up to the hype!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer ($9.99)

As much as I tried to like this concealer, it just does not work for me. Personally, I found this so hard to blend and no matter how much I made sure to hydrate my under eyes, it would always look dry, cake-y and settle in to the fine lines (basically everything I DONT want in a concealer). I got the shade ‘neutralizer’ which is a banana shade that although did do a great job at brightening my under eye, failed to give the coverage I was looking for meaning I would have to layer this on top of my normal concealer which again led to even more cake-yness!

maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark circle concealer-neutralizer

L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask ($9.79)

After reading tons of positive reviews on this mask by bloggers, I knew I had to get my hands on it especially because I am a sucker for any kind of detox charcoal mask. While this may be a great option for those of you with oily skin, after several tries, I came to the conclusion that this mask did NOTHING beneficial for my dry skin. As much as I enjoyed the process of applying it and watching it sucking the oil/dirt out of my pores, it always left my skin super dry and was not that great at getting rid of my blackheads! I much prefer my Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Mask ($5.88) which is way cheaper and delivers amazing results!

loreal pure clay detox & brighten face mask

Cover FX Drops – Sunlight ($42)

You guys know I am all about that glow-y skin but one thing I dislike with a passion is GLITTER on my face and if you are like me, I suggest you stay away from this product. Yeah it might seem great for an Instagram makeup look but in real life you can literally see the glitter particles just sitting there on your skin! I tried using this on it’s own and mixed in with my foundation; however, both times I was left with particles of glitter on my face rather than a ‘luminous glow’ as promised by the product.

cover fx custom enhancer drops-sunlight

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kits ($29)

I am sure you all remember how hyped these were when they first came out, everyone and their mothers were running to get their hands on one before they ran out of stock in a matter of hours (nice marketing Kylie). I was super excited when mine arrived only to realize that the lip liner was BROKEN (i did not pay $29 for this)! As for the liquid lipstick, I absolutely loved the shade I got (ginger); however I felt like it exaggerated the lines and texture on my lips way too much (yes, I did exfoliate my lips)! Also, it did this thing where it would kind of just crumble off of my lips if I ate anything and reapplying was definitely not an option as it would just look more crusty and dry! All in all, not worth my money!

kylie cosmetics matte lip kit-ginger

EOS Lip Balm 

Sure, these lip balms look cute and all but how well do they actually work at moisturizing the lips? Not very much! I feel like it hydrates my lips for a few minutes after applying and then kind of just disappears in to thin air leaving me with dry lips.

EOS lip balm

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? What are some products you think are definitely NOT worth the hype?

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  1. Loved the honest review, sometimes we can get sucked into purchasing products solely based on the hype. I definitely remember the hype surrounding the lip kits, the marketing strategy worked well. For me, I’d rather buy unknown or smaller brands that actual show results than purchase large names just to flex for the ‘gram.

    Tx. // MusicGeekOnline

    1. I totally agree! I remember telling myself I will not get sucked in to the hype of Kylie lip kits, but then I somehow ended getting it anyways haha! Thanks for reading girl! xx

    1. Wow, that’s so frustrating because when I went to get it over here, they have lots of shades available! xx

  2. I love reading about products that didn’t work for other people!
    Personally, I used to love the maybelline concealer but it’s definitely not one of my favourites anymore, there are loads of great drug store concealers about now.

    Love, Cally x

  3. Some very hyped up products I remember everyone going crazy for the Eos Balms, they’re super cute but I agree really not worth the hype. I love my Maybelline Eye Eraser Concealer though, I’ve not found it to be drying or cakey at all but it just shows that products aren’t universal and you’ve got to find what works for you and your skin.

    Emma x

    1. Oh yes! After seeing the hype over EOS lip balms, I had to have one haha!
      That’s so true, I tend to get super cakey undereyes so I need to be careful with what products I put on and this one definitely work! xx

  4. I agree with you about the EOS lip balm! I tried it a few years ago and hated it! But I absolutely love the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in the brightening shade. It’s perfect for dark circles!

    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one Haha! And so many people love that concealer, I guess my skin is too dry and that could be a reason it just didn’t work for me! xx

  5. I absolutely agree with the Kylie hype. Though, for my skin they just didn’t suit at all – my skin didn’t react well at all.

    lots of love, Jasmin

  6. I get so sad when hyped up products don’t live up to the hype, such a shame! I agree with what you said about EOS lip balms, I have one and I never use it because it just doesn’t moisturise at all! Xx

    Andrea | Trxpical Andrea

    1. Omg right?!
      I have this one from another brand and it has the same packaging as EOS and does a WAY better job at moisturizing! xx

  7. I agree with so many things on this list that I’ve heard nothing but good things about! I hate the highlighter, not a fan of the concealer and EOS does nothing but dry my lips

  8. Love this! I agree that the lip balms are not at all worth the hype it didn’t feel like it did anything for me what so ever!

  9. I haven’t tried any of these but I have heard of a few of them. It’s always disappointing when products don’t live up to the hype.

  10. SOOO GLAD somebody else didn’t like the Mayeblline​ concealer! For me its the colour, they defo need a better shade range! I also have to layer another concealer on top to make it work for me! Such a shame after the rave reviews it got! Great post btw xxx

    1. I know, I’ve only seen positive reviews and maybe like one or two bad reviews on it!
      The is just not enough! xx

  11. Loved this post!!! The Aging concealer is not all that I must agree. I do however LOVE the Fit Me concealer. I am so glad you put the Kyle Lipsticks and EOS Lil Balms. I tried them both too and im not a fan.
    A product that I bought that wasn’t worth the hype for me was the Tarte Shape Concealer. It leaves my undereye sooooo dry!! It is definitely a full coverage concealer but it’s just not hydrating. Dry skin problems haha!

  12. I actually haven’t tried too many of these and you’re making me happy that I didn’t spend my money on them. I don’t use products tested on animals so Maybelline and L’Oreal products are out and I have so many liquid lipsticks so I never invested in the Kylie lip kits.

    Great post! x


  13. Have to kinda disagree with the review of kylie and eos… I have found kylie texture better than most mattes… Doesn’t crumble at all.. The broken liner thing is a bummer though!

    1. Some people really seem to like it but for me, Kat Von d has a WAY better consistency then Kylie and and the Kylie one just comes off really weirdly! I’m glad you liked it tho! Yeah that was quite annoying as I actually really like how creamy the lip liner was! xx

    1. Omg yess! Seriously I don’t why they were advertised so much when they don’t even do the one job they have haha! xx

  14. I’m not a fan of glitter on my face either so I think I’ll be avoiding the Cover FX Drops 🙈. This is a really good idea for a blog post, it’s so helpful and thanks for sharing your honest thoughts and opinions 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Definitely do haha!
      I actually quite enjoyed writing and love seeing products that have been super hyped but don’t work for some people! 💕

  15. I agree with you on most of these! except I really like the Maybeline concealer but that’s my personal preference. I love reading posts like this so I dont end up spending money when its not worth it! x

    1. I believe it didn’t work well for as I do have dry skin, and yes these types of posts are so helpful! xx

  16. Funnily enough I haven’t tried any of these, although I *almost* picked up that L’oreal mask the other week! I found it really interesting to read though, it’s so funny how something super hyped up can totally let you down! I have a few products like that of my own. One of them is actually the YSL touche eclat! It is such a cult product but it just did not work for me. It looked patchy and was wayyy too pink-toned for my skin. Oh well, you live and you learn, eh? 🙂

    Sneha |

    1. Oh wow, I’ve sooo much about that products! It must have been so expensive as well, what a bummer! But yeah, not all products can work for all skin types 🤷🏻‍♀️
      Thanks for reading! xx

  17. Great post! I love your photographs, you’re such a talented photographer! It was really interesting to hear your views on the products. It’s definitely good to hear someones opinion on something before investing in it.

  18. A truly honest post! I really want to try the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Mask now – like you I saw all the hype over the L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask but hadn’t got round to trying it! 🙂

    Emma |

    1. Omg yes! I was so frustrated when it wouldn’t work for me cause I saw all these amazing review haha! xx

  19. I definitely was put off by how overrated Kylie’s Lip Kits were (thank goodness I stopped myself from getting involved in the hype). I’m sorry your money was wasted because of these things, then again we’d never know unless we tried them, right? xx Ain

    1. Haha, I’m so glad you did!
      And yeah, if I didn’t get I would keep wondering if I should just get it or not! 😅

  20. I’ve seen posts about beauty products that are worth the hype but not the other way around! Pretty cool to see this – it’s always a bummer when there are beauty products that don’t work all that great. It’s a shame that Cover FX Drops costs a lot and didn’t perform to your expectations!

    Nancy ♥

    1. I know right! I actually really like these types of posts because it makes me reconsider if I should splurge on that product I’ve been wanting! xx

  21. I don’t like eos either and I love your Frank reviews. I have decided against better than sex mascara as it looks great for 2 week then dries up and you need a new one every 3 weeks. Not happening!

    1. Omg that actually happens to me with most mascaras, it’s so frustrating! That’s why I feel it’s better to always get sample size mascaras because the big ones just dry out and it’s such a waste of products and money! Thanks for mentioning that! xx

  22. I really always thought that the Cover FX would provide glow and glitter 😕 What a shame. I’m all about glow, but shimmer eh… not so much. Seriously the EOS lipbalms I hate 😅 They don’t do anything for me. I just remember when so many celebrities were feauturing them in their music videos and all that stuff

    1. Hahah exactly, I remember Miley to be specific! 😅
      Also, the cover fx was a disappointment, I was super excited about it but oh well! xx

  23. Such an honest review. I had used the Loreal pure clay mask and didn’t find it worth my money. Now I generally read product reviews before buying a costly product

  24. I am so glad you did a review on these products, especially Maybelline Age Rewind. This is a product I was interested in getting but I am not a fan things that set into my under eye lines. Thanks for saving me money!

    1. No problem girl! I was so excited to get this as-well!
      If you want a good one go with Maybelline Fit Me concealer, blends in super easily and does not exaggerate fine lines! xx

  25. I agree with the Maybelline Concealer it didn’t work for me at all too! Thanks for the review, i was considering getting the L’Oreal Clay mask but now i need to think it twice…! i have dry skin so it might not work for me! I will go for the Boots one! 🙂

    1. So glad this helped you out! Definitely try the boots one as it’s super affordable as well! Dry skin can be such a struggle haha! xx

  26. I haven’t actually tried any of these products but I saw a great review on that pure clay mask earlier and was going to get it! I think I’ll try the Boots one you suggested first though as my skin is quite dry too so thanks for the recommendation!

    Jess //

    1. You are welcome! I really hope you like it as it doesn’t dry my skin at all and cleans my pores really well plus it’s affordable so there is nothing to lose haha! xx

  27. Hey, thank you for this post. I’m not s big make up wearer but I do use foundation, concelear at times. I find it hard to blend with my skin. It’s always a white chalky color and can’t find anything darker. What would you recommend? I am a darkskinned tone.

    1. That is so frustrating! Brands definitely need to start making their foundation shade range more diverse! Have you looked in to Fenty Beauty? They have the biggest range of foundation shades so I would definitely recommend you to check them out! xx

  28. Nice post Huda! I have the same thoughts about Maybelline Neutralizer, I purchased it but find it difficult to use it. Also the EOS Balm looked so cute but I felt it did an okay kind of a job. I Love the L’Oréal clay mask though. I don’t feel tempted to buy anything from Kylie Cosmetics 🙂

    1. So glad you could relate with me! Just goes to show how not all the hyped up products are worth it!

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