Influenster VoxBox: Miracle Contouring!

Influenster VoxBox: Miracle Contouring!

Hey lovelies,

A few weeks ago, I received my second VoxBox from Influenster Middle East and this time it was all about cream contouring! I will be honest, even with all the hype surrounding cream contouring, I never really got much in to it as I usually just stick to my powder products so it was quite interesting to trying out Max Factor’s Miracle Contouring Palette along with the other goodies that were in that box. I have been testing these products out for awhile now and so today I will be sharing with you guys my thoughts on each of these products- so, without further a do, let’s get in to the post!


max factor miracle contouring palette

This contour palette has 8 different refillable highlighting and contouring shades which is supposed to help suit every different skin tone. Although this is great, I personally feel like I will only be using 2-3 shades from this palette maximum but of course this would be a great option for makeup artists! In terms of texture, I feel like the contour shades are way easier to blend than the highlighting shades. When I tried to highlight with the banana shade (bottom right) underneath my eyes, it just looked way too cake-y and was creasing as well; however, I am absolutely loving bronzing my face with the light brown shade (top left) because it blends in super nicely, is easily buildable and gives the perfect summer-y tan to my face. The darkest shade is also amazing for contouring and really carving out the shape of my face and I know I will be getting so much use of out of these two. Overall, I am 50/50 about this palette because although I love the contouring shades, the highlighting ones should definitely have been more creamier and easier to blend!

max factor miracle contouring palette


This product is a duo of two creamy highlighters: one matte and one glow-y. I instantly got excited about this product when I saw the glow-y highlighter side because not only do I LOVE highlighters (who doesn’t?) but I especially love finding highlighters that give that skin-like natural/dewy glow to your skin and guess what- this product does just that! It is super subtle but easily buildable and works really well with fingers or beauty blender. I am not quite sure how I would use the matte highlighter to be honest but I love the glow-y side so much that I do not even care ifΒ  don’t get much use of out of it haha! I highly recommend this product if like me you love that naturally glow-y skin look.

max factor miracle duo glow illuminator


Another product that I really loved is this powder foundation. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this sleek and gorgeous packaging! I usually use this to set my t-zone area and I have to saw it feels super light, does not make my skin look cake-y and lasts quite a few hours. I love that the packaging is super light, it has a built in mirror and sponge because I can easily travel with this and apply it whenever my skin feels oily! I would say it is very comparable to the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which i know so many people love including me. All in all, i am super happy with this product and totally recommend it!

max factor facefinity compact foundation

max factor facefinity compact foundation


Last and definitely the least (no that was not a typing mistake) is this foundation that I had very high hopes for but was extremely disappointed by. After trying this out, I actually went and searched for reviews on it and was shocked to see how many people actually like it so perhaps this foundation just did not suit my dry skin type. It has a very thick consistency and definitely takes a bit of time and effort to properly blend this in to the skin. Even after blending it, I found that it was just sitting on my skin looking super cake-y and severely exaggerating all the dry patches and pores on my skin. I couldn’t even test the longevity of this foundation because it looked so terrible that I had to take it right off. Keep in mind that I had exfoliated and properly moisturized my skin before this. Perhaps this would be a better fit for those with oily skin because for me, this was definitely a big NO!

max factor facefinity all day flawless 3in1 fondation

Here’s the look I created using these products (except the foundation, of course haha)

max factor miracle contouring makeup look

max factor miracle contouring makeup look

Have you guys tried this Max Factor foundation? If so, what are your thoughts on it?Β 

Let me know in the comments!Β 


*These products were sent to me complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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    1. It is! I feel like this one is the best because they actually give full size products! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  1. Such a shame the foundation didn’t work for you but at least you liked some of the products! Rimmel Stay Matte is like my holy grail powder and has been for years so anything that can compete with that must be good! I’m like you thought not a fan of cream contouring at all much prefer a powder but you still managed to make this look lovely!

    Jess //

    1. I know, it was quite disappointing but oh well! And yes, that rimmel powder is loved by so many and I believe I have found something that comes close to it haha! Thanks so much lovely! πŸ’•πŸ’•

  2. Oh they sound like wonderful products! I haven’t gotten into contouring for some reason at all. I just can’t do it properly haha πŸ˜€

    1. Hahah, I LOVE contouring but never understood Cream contouring but after trying it out, I can totally see the difference it makes! xx

  3. I love influenster, it’s a great way to try out new products. I’ve never really tied Max Factor before but these products sounds really good. Lovely blog post!

    Steph x x

  4. You look beautiful using the products you described!
    Looks a good subscription box. Might try it, although I am not great with make-up. That way I might learn how to use it properly 😊

  5. I love the packaging of the Miracle Contouring Palette! These are nice shades and it’s definitely perfect for the weather. It’s a bummer that you were 50/50 with it. At least the compact foundation made up for it. Love your look! πŸ™‚

    Nancy β™₯

  6. Wow this box looked great! I to am more of a powder kind of girl, I find that cream contours don’t work well for me. Plus, I have a really hard time blending them! I always look so weird and un-natural afterwards lol. Your post is very informative, I really enjoyed reading it! Also you look great with the products on!

    1. Thanks so much! That’s exactly why I usually go for powder contouring also because it’s faster!
      But I feel like if the contour is easy to blend it actually really helps! xx

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