5 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Blogger!

5 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Blogger!

When it comes to blogging, staying motivated is key as you always want to be putting out the best possible content for your readers to enjoy but we are all human and getting demotivated especially when you are first starting out or trying to grow your blog can be common. Here are 5 ways you can use to get out of that blogging rut and go back to being your motivated self.

5 ways to stay motivated as a blogger


Consistently setting new goals for your blog is so important not only for improving and growing your blog but also to keep that passion and motivation inside you alive. Setting goals will make you have something to look forward to- do not get too comfortable with blogging and make sure you are always taking on new challenges and learning something new. Whether it is improving your blog photography, looking in to new ways to promote your content, learning about SEO/DA or coming up with strategies to monetize your blog- the options are honestly endless. Whenever I feel myself getting demotivated and in to a blogging rut, I think of ways I can improve my blog content and it always gets me super inspired, excited and ready to work towards those goals.


Seems pretty obvious right? But how exactly do you get inspired? I am not going to lie, this can be very hard especially when you are severely lacking inspiration or are in a major blogging rut but there are a few things you can try. Reading other blogs and surfing on Pinterest are two very useful and common ways to get those ideas flowing in your head.  Another thing I do is google, ‘beauty/lifestyle blogpost ideas’ and I am always surprised at the amount of great blogpost ideas I end up finding! Kayla Seah gives some awesome tips in her ‘How To Stay Motivated With Blogging’ post on how surrounding your self with people from your industry (perhaps talking to your blogger friends) and being extra attentive in conversations on what people want to see or hear about can really help get those creative juices flowing and help you come up with amazing blogpost ideas!


I honestly believe this is one of the simplest thing to do yet we all have such a hard time doing it and it is definitely something I personally need to work on as well. We are all guilty of getting stuck in to a routine of doing the exact same things day in and day out- especially those of us working from home- and then we wonder why our brain starts to lack motivation and inspiration. Go out for a walk, make plans with your family/friends, have a social media detox and spend the whole day in bed watching Netflix- honestly, do anything that is different from your daily routine and you will notice yourself feeling way more motivated and clear-headed afterwards.


I came across this amazing tip on Shout Me Loud’s post on ‘How To Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Are Feeling Demotivated’ and it basically talks about how social media can be a huge demotivator for bloggers and I can totally relate. Although social media is crucial when it comes to blogging, constantly checking social media updates and seeing all the extravagant things other people are up while you are sitting there working on a blogpost is bound to have a demotivating effect. I have personally felt this so many times, where I am perfectly fine and I see something on social media and it just takes out all the motivation within me because why cant I be the one going on these fancy holidays and hitting these major life milestones? It is completely normal to feel this way and in these times, it is best to just have a little but of a social media detox and focus on working on your blog goals rather than checking what everyone else is up to.


You know those times when you randomly feel this burst of motivation and inspiration within you? Make sure you take full advantage of them- write blogposts, take blog photos, catch up on any blog work that you have been procrastinating on because when that time comes where you are feeling super demotivated and can not for the life of you think of anything to post, you will already have pre-written content waiting right there for you to publish.

How do you stay motivated as a blogger? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Loved reading these ideas and tips Huda. I always mention I have to set my goals and always be prepared but find it difficult. Social media is addictive. I find myself spending way too much time there. But recently I have felt the motivation as I am going on my holidays next week and need to prepare at least a few posts so I can schedule them. Besides I am trying to figure out the Meks author widget so I can have one. All this takes so much time. I find it relaxing to change routines as you mentioned. Thanks for sharing Huda. Have a nice day.

    Via | glossnglitters.com

    1. How exciting! Where are you going to for your holiday?
      And I agree, undertaking everything can definitely be so time consuming! xx

    1. I know right! I always notice that I start to get super lazy and demotivated when I am doing the same thing everyday and a little bit of a change sets me right back on track! xx

  2. I so agree with the one about making the most of feeling inspired! I made the mistake in the past of just pushing it aside, but now I jump at the opportunity (even if it’s at like 5am)!

  3. It is easy to get de-motivated if you don’t keep yourself focused on what you have set out to accomplish. I used to let me numbers demotivate me if they weren’t constantly increasing. Then I thought about what I really hoped to accomplish with the blog, and realized it wasn’t about the numbers at all. It was about making a difference. So now when I get demotivated, I go the my site and I read all the wonderful comments that have been posted and it reminds me what’s important. I hope to copy them all out into a blog post just for me one of these days! Have a great Sunday and thanks for sharing this piece!
    Joan Senio

    1. I totally agree, it’s honestly those thoughful, genuine comments that motivate me to keep going and yes, many times I have felt like giving up due to my low stats!
      Thank you for reading! xx

  4. Loved this! Setting goals is so important. Even if they’re only small, they keep me feeling motivated and excited about writing and creating new content. I also definitely need to start spending less time on social media! I find it to be such a big distraction, and I’m also envious of everyone’s gorgeous holiday photos haha. Great tips x

    1. Ahh tell me about it! I actually need to spend more time on creating quality content for my blog rather checking SM every other minute, it’s so bad I swear! 😫

  5. great post! I definitely take advantage of when I feel inspired because it doesn’t happen very often, so these tips have been really helpful, especially taking a break of social media I can see how this would benefit us bloggers. Setting goals is always an amazing way to stay motivated. xx

  6. I’ve found that reading other bloggers inspired me too especially if I’m starting to write in the lull when everyone has gone to bed but I’m ready for it myself! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It definitely helps a lot and sometimes random idea will pop into my head while reading other bloggers blogpost haha! xx

  7. These are nice ways to stay motivated as a blogger. I totally agree about setting goals! We need to set our milestones and a proper timeline to achieve them :). I always love reading other people’s blog posts – it helps get the creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  8. I totally agree that social media can be a hinder sometimes. But sometimes you can draw inspiration from it because you’re exposed to different blog posts. Nice post though, I really enjoyed it. 😊

  9. I’d definitely say that if you’re feeling really deflated and unmotivated then take a break. Come away from your blog/social media and stop putting so many demands on yourself. It’s important to give yourself a break every now and then or else you’ll burn out completely.

    Louisa | http://www.loubeeloublogs.co.uk

    1. I totally agree! It’s just so hard to take a break as I have the tendency to feel guilty about not being productive but it’s so important to take a break!

  10. These are really good tips at staying motivated! There are times when I just don’t know what to write and I get really unmotivated so these tips will be very helpful! Great post x

  11. Staying motivated can definitely be challenging at times! I love to have a good scroll on Pinterest whenever I’m feeling unmotivated or play around with makeup to fall in love with new products! I’ll have to give setting some goals a go next time I’m not feeling it!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  12. Fab post! Something that i really needed to read today! I try to plan ahead by writing down working titles of posts that I want to write and that kind of helps me to stay motivated x

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

  13. This is so helpful, thank you! I’ve been blogging about a month and want to make sure I keep up my current enthusiasm! There is so much to learn and sometimes it can feel overwhelming which can be demotivating but I want to focus on a schedule and goals to keep me going!

    1. Omg it can be so overwhelming right! But it also makes me feel good because it motivates me make my blog better!
      Definitely try it, thanks for reading!💕

  14. Reading posts like this keeps me motivated. It’s nice when bloggers share their blogging challenges and how they handle it. This post is very relatable and I learned a few tips to help me find inspiration again. Thanks❤️

    1. You are so welcome and yes it’s so great to read other bloggers challenges and be able to learn from them! xx

    1. It definitely is, it’s difficult because as bloggers we need to stay active on there, just need to learn the balance! a

  15. It is definitely hard to stay motivated while running a blog. Most of the time I feel stuck or have a “writer’s block.” Thank you for the advise!

  16. This is honestly such a timely post – I was feeling rather down and unmotivated to blog the past week, thanks! Reading this made it really loads better. I just posted, and although short, I was proud that I overcame that slump ( well, a little) and i can’t wait to brainstorm for more content! x

    1. Yay, that honestly makes me so happy!
      It’s such a struggle trying to write when motivation is at a low! I’m glad you still posted girl! Thanks for reading! 💕

  17. Thanks for sharing this. I’m a travel & lifestyle blogger and I find it very hard to stay motivated. Especially when I have a day job. Balancing the two tends to leave me neglecting my blog. But at the same time I love my job too. Pretty conflicted but I suppose having a good calendar in place is key.

    1. Oh I can’t imagine how difficult that would be! So awesome that you love your job though because you get to do both the things you love!
      Definitely! 💗

  18. So far I have not lacked motivation (thankfully!). But on the off chance I do, these are great tips! I especially like the get off social media – this can be such a pain sometimes and you just need a break. Lovely tips!

    Lex | The Lady on Lexington Street

  19. You aren’t kidding, Huda! Motivation can be so hard sometimes, because it’s not a steady stream of creativity and motivation. It’s more like it comes in waves, and when it does come around you have to act on it so quickly, at least I do! I love all your tips, especially staying on track with your goals! Great as always girl!

  20. Love this post! My motivation is always on and off and treading his post definitely helps me. I will start by setting up my goals 🙂

  21. This is so helpful! Especially with summer just starting – there is definitely a need to stay motivated for sure! I will definitely keep all the goals in mind especially the one about being productive when inspiration does strike because I tend to think up good ideas and then forget about them. Thank you!

    Ashiana | ashianashome.wordpress.com

  22. Love the advice you give here. Staying motivated can be a huge challenge especially if one isnt seeing the expected reaults. Will book mark so I can read it again when I feel deflated. Thank you!

  23. These were some really good tips! It’s always important to put effort into your blog when you’re demotivated – I always find that a trip to Pinterest & having a look at some other blogs gets me full of inspiration again😊

  24. These are such amazing tips! I love to take a step back once in while and remind myself of my end goal for blogging. Motivation can be a key factor to never actually making things happen. What a wonderful post, which can even be applied to more than just blogging.Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome! I’m so glad you found it helpful and I totally agree- these tips can be used for so many different things!
      Motivation can really make or break you! xx

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