5 Things I Wish I knew When I First Started Blogging!

5 Things I Wish I knew When I First Started Blogging!

When I first started blogging, I truly believed the misconception that ‘anybody can blog’. Two and a half years later, here I am, thinking to myself that I could not have been more wrong. Only bloggers know the patience, hard work and struggle that goes behind all that we put up online. So, go ahead and grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy these 5 things that I wish I knew when I first started blogging.


When I first started blogging, I had no idea I could earn money through it much less all the different ways I could monetize my site. Even when I did know about it, I kept delaying it. I kept thinking that I would monetize it when I reached a certain number of views or followers. Do not make that mistake. A great way to earn money through your blog is to join affiliate programs such as the one Amazon has. You can also put adds on your website with Google AdSense but I believe that is only beneficial if you have large number of views.


When I first started blogging, I barely used social media to promote my content. That was obviously a mistake. Now, I use Instagram and Twitter for my blog which gets me more than half of my views. The time I used to spend on social media before blogging has literally doubled now that I blog. Having the pressure to grow your following on social media, being active on there everyday and constantly creating amazing content to post on there regularly can definitely be draining. Taking time off from social media now and again can definitely help. Also, make sure you do not go around comparing yourself to other bloggers on social media because trust me, that will only lead you down a downward spiral. You can check out my ‘How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others‘ blogpost if you struggle with that!


When I first started blogging, I thought all you had to do was write up a post and publish it. Hah, how naïve was I! Over the years , I have come to realise that with blogging there is always something to learn whether it is improving your photography, learning new promotion techniques, SEO or the other million things to learn. At first, I found this quite overwhelming but now this is actually one of my favourite thing about blogging. I am always learning and in turn, always improving!


Took me a while to get this one in my head but it is quite simple. With a regular job, you have to force yourself to wake up and get to work. If you do not, you will have to face the wrath of your boss. With blogging, you are your own boss. That does not mean that you can work whenever your heart pleases. You need to organize yourself and motivate yourself to blog even when you do not feel like it otherwise you will literally get no blog work done. I actually have posts on 5 Way To Stay Motivated As A Blogger‘ and ‘5 Simple Tips To Stay Organized‘. These tips have helped me tremendously in becoming a better blogger. Another thing is that many bloggers, myself included assume that they can make their blogs huge without actually investing any money in it. That is not true at all. When you are starting up a new business, you have to invest money in to it and it is the same with a blog. You need to spend money on things like buying a domain, getting self hosted and maybe purchase a great theme. This will let your audience and brands know that you are a serious blogger looking to turn your blog in to a business.


Last but definitely not the least is patience. You know those stories you hear about bloggers getting successful overnight, yeah that is not real life. I honestly did not know I would need this much patience when I first started blogging. Whether it is getting more traffic, increasing your followers or looking for sponsorships with brands- if you do not have patience then I am sorry to tell you that this blogging thing might not be for you.

It is safe to say I underestimated the amount of work and dedication that goes in to being a blogger. Having said that, starting this blog was the best decision of my life and although it has it’s downsides, I would not give it up for anything!

What is something you wish you knew when you first started blogging? 

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  1. YES YES YES. These pieces of advice are all so damn true (in my experience, especially social media and having to treat your blog like a business). Great post girl, I honestly sat there nodding my head at every point like “yes, yes, YES” xx

    1. Yesss you do, but you can start using affiliate links and stuff! As for the google ads, you can only do that when you are self hosted which I actually did a few months ago! 💕

  2. Definitely agree with all of these points. I really need to apply for an affiliate program and that is my goal for this month!! And yes social media can feel draining, totally!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your tips! They’re greatly helpful, and I’m glad you didn’t sugarcoat it. Although blogging can be hard, that makes the rewards of it so much greater!!

  4. I agree with everything you said especially treating it as a business part. We really need to stay focused and input hardwork in order to see success. Thanks for these tips! I will keep them in mind. 🙂

  5. Lots of great points! Still learning is invaluable, I don’t think any bloggers ever get to a stage where they know it all 😊

  6. Loads of great valid points! I certainly am in the stage of still experimenting with content, stuff I want to post about, gaining traffic and growing. And yes! I totally agree that social media can really feel draining, especially when all youre seeing is people living their best lives!

    oli | http://www.thenicepeach.com

  7. ‘I thought all you had to do was write up a post and publish it. Hah, how naïve was I!’ Haha, this is very relatable. While I started blogging because I wanted to express my feelings, I kind of realised in the end that if I want people to actually read my posts too, some promotion and social media will be necessary! I find it quite challenging… all the seo stuff etc. but it’s also a nice challenge to keep on learning and to grow. It’s nice to read about your experience with this!

    1. Yesss! Haha, so glad you could relate! It can get a bit much sometimes right but I love learning new things through it! Thanks for reading! 💕

  8. Patience is definitely the biggest thing! Patience, and hard work, and a willingness to keep on grafting even when the results aren’t going up as fast as you would want!

    Cordelia || cordeliamoor.squarespace.com

  9. SO TRUE, especially to the social media aspect, it can make or break your blog. If you don’t keep on top of it and don’t constantly have refresh contents to interact with others then your interaction levels go so downhill and so does the interaction on your blog.

    Fab post though!

    Alys / alysgeorge.blogspot.co.uk

  10. This is so true! I haven’t signed up with amazons affiliate programme, I keep meaning to read more about monetising, but then I don’t even know where to start. Thankyou for sharing ☺️


    1. It’s actually quite simple! I kept procrastinating about it too, would definitely recommend doing it though! xx

  11. This is such a great blog post. I think blogging is such a great learning curve and as you have said you are always learning. I am in the process of getting my own domain name so I can start making some money of my blog.


  12. Couldn’t agree more! Especially with the learning and social media one! I literally think I’ve learned more in the last few months than my first few months in blogging!!

  13. This is such a great post and I love how you linked all your other helpful posts for new bloggers! I agree that for your blog to be a success (making money wise) then you do need to invest in your blog, I want to start reaching out to brands for collabs but because I don’t have my own domain/I’m not self-hosted I don’t think they’ll take me seriously!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  14. Patience is definitely a virtue – sometimes I feel like I haven’t got anywhere so it helps to look back on my earlier content and remind myself of how much I’ve actually grown. I’ve never monetised my blog, I don’t get nearly enough views but I’ll definitely have a look at the Amazon affiliates thing as I use Amazon all the time! x

    Alice | http://www.accordingtoalicex.com

  15. Starting a blog is so stressful! It’s so hard not to constantly compare yourself to every other blog out there. Patience is definitely key. Great tips!

  16. Great post, really helpful. I’ve had a blog for a long time this is the first year I’m taking it seriously, I’m defiantly thinking about looking into monetizing.

  17. Loved the post. I wish I had known about monetizing my blog and capturing leads earlier. I’m working on patience and establishing a routine to stay consistent.

  18. I really enjoyed reading your post. There was a lot of helpful tips for newbies such as myself. The social media and the patience part is something I really need to work on.

  19. I love this post, I’ve been blogging for over 18 months but I just started a new blog and want this one to be more successful than my last! Thank you for these tips xx


  20. The patience part is SO true! blogging requires consistency and patience. Thank you for sharing these tips, they are definitely helpful for newbies and just an all around great reminder for every blogger.

    Nikki O.
    Her Daring Thoughts

  21. Hey lovely, really loved this post-such a great post to read. I am still fairly new to this blogging world and have felt a little bit lost lately, as been finding it all a bit overwhelming but after reading this it has gave me the boot to keep on going and learning. Still learning all these things you mentioned, and I definitely think it might be time to invest a little into my blog now. Thank you lovely for all these tips! Take care, Chantelle x

  22. I’m currently postponing monetizing my blog because I don’t feel like being ready for taking that step yet haha! Great post, definitely something I needed to read 🙂

    lots of love, Jasmin
    // littlethingswithjassy.com

  23. I couldn’t agree more! I have been blogging on and off for about 2 years and there are some things I do that I know I shouldn’t you are right though. If you want to be successful you have to put the graft in! Great blog!

  24. I really needed to read this! I’m in the process of starting my own blog and this has really helped! I’ve got a few of your other blog posts in my tabs to read through tonight 🙂 <3

  25. Oooh, these are such great tips for new bloggers! I agree that social media can be draining – that’s why you need to limit yourself where ever possible. YES on the learning part! You’re always learning new things and it’s for the better. Success doesn’t grow overnight. You need to also invest in other people’s blogs in terms of time. Exchange comments and network! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  26. I think one of the misconceptions I had and all of other people also might have is how time consuming it can be. I think so many who aren’t familiar with blogging or IG “business” profile only see the glamorous part of it like the pretty photos or PR packages, and not how much effort actually went into creating the content.

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