Top 5 Summer Beauty Favorites!

Top 5 Summer Beauty Favorites!

Summer is in full swing and I have been trying to do my best to take care of my skin while looking glam at the same time. Here are my top 5 summer beauty favorites that have been helping me achieve just that!

This post is in collaboration with the lovely Natonya Medford over at JustNatonya. She is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and I really enjoy her content and unique style- and I am sure you guys will too! She is sharing her Ultimate 5 Summer Beauty Favs for Sensitive Skin over on her blog so definitely check that out!


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I am pretty sure by now we are all aware of the adverse effects the sun can have on our skin if we do not protect it. As I live in a country where it is sunny 98% of the time, I am always looking for products that already have SPF in them. This Neutrogena hydration lotion with SPF 25 has been my ultimate summer beauty favorite. The formula for this is super light and it does not feel thick or greasy whatsoever. It actually leaves a nice glow to the skin and sits very nicely underneath makeup as well! The hyaluronic acid in this really helps to hydrate the skin while the SPF 25 helps protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Also, I usually do not like my face products to be scented but this one has such a nice and fresh scent to it that I am not even complaining.

summer beauty favorites


Keeping on the topic of protecting your skin from the sun, here is another one you should try out. The first time i heard about this product, i was very intrigued by it. It is basically a sunscreen but in a face mist form. This product offers a really high spectrum of protection against UVA and UVB rays. It is completely invisible when you spray it on your face and does not leave any white marks or greasiness at all. I feel like this product is so unique and handy especially for those of us going on vacations. It is a known fact that sunscreens tend to wear off in 4-5 hours. Instead of having to apply sunscreen every 5 hours, you can simply spray some of this on to your face even if you have makeup on and you are good to go!

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Summer Beauty is just not complete without a good old bronzer. If you want to get that beautiful, natural sun-kissed look then I highly recommend this Too Faced Soleil Bronzer. It comes in 3 different shades (chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate) to fit all different skin tones. If you, like are not a big fan of shimmery bronzers, then I highly recommend this. It is completely matte and what I love the most about it is that it is easily buildable and blends into the skin so seamlessly. Oh and guess what, it smells like real chocolate guys! It is actually made with 100% real cocoa powder!

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I honestly do not what I did before getting MAC Fix Plus. There are so many different ways of using this from setting your face to making your eyeshadows pop. That being said, the reason this has quickly has become a summer beauty favorite of mine is that it does such a good job at refreshing and hydrating my skin. If you know you are going to be out in the sun for long and your makeup is likely to sweat, just take this with you. Spray it on your face throughout the day and it will help keep your makeup looking fresh and as sweat-free as possible!

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The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of summer beauty is highlighters. Let’s be honest, we all want to have beautiful, bronzed and glowy skin for the summer am I right! Well, this Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter by Becca in the shade Champagne Pop will help you achieve the glow-iest skin ever! This shade is described as a “Soft gold with peachy-pink pearl”. It has a creamy powder consistency. Not only does it have amazing pigmentation but it blends in super nice and is very easily buildable. Many highlighters can really exaggerate the texture on your skin but this one does not do that at all. I especially love it for summer because it is super long lasting. Even if the rest of my makeup comes off, I have noticed that this highlighter always stays in place!

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Those are my current summer beauty favorites! I would love to know yours so leave them in the comments below. Also, let me know if you have tried out any of the products I have mentioned above!


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  1. Thanks for posting, I’m actually looking to purchase a new makeup staying spray. Do you have any other reccomendations?

    1. Urban decay all nighter setting spray is a good one!
      Other than that I have only really tried Mac fix plus! xx

  2. With summer here, it is so important to keep yourself hydrated and put on some SPF! Ooh, I need to check out face mists! I haven’t used them for a while – now’s the time to check them out. Ooh, I need to check out MAC Fix Plus as well. That’ll be on my list! Thanks for sharing your summer faves!

    Nancy ♥

  3. This is such a good post! I’ve been looking at the Too Faced chocolate bronzers for so long now but I was disappointed with another product I bought from them so I was unsure whether to try the brand again! I’ll also keep an eye out for those products with SPF in them ready for my holiday to sunny Cyprus next year as I burn so easily!

    Jess //

    1. Oh noo! You definitely need to try them again- I love a lot of their products!
      Oh yes, that spray sunscreen would be perfect! xx

  4. I think I’ve a sample of a Neutrogena sunscreen and it was one of the best affordable, Western sunscreen I had tried 😀 At the moment I’m stocked up on Korean sunscreens as I love their formulas, but I might have to get this one in a full size 🙂

  5. I love the La Roche Posay cream sunscreen when I borrowed it from a friend recently. It’s great for my crazy sensitive skin as well which I loveee. The Becca highlight looks stunning as does the bronzer. Loved the post x

  6. I’ve been meaning to try the La Roche SPF face stuff for a while, and this reminded me of it! Also, I’ve been looking for a new bronzer, definitely going to check to see if the Two Faced dark chocolate one is dark enough!

    Jas xx

  7. Sounds like there are some great products here, especially the Too Face bronzer – this has been my go too for so long now! (:

    Alys /

  8. You’ve got some lovely picks and some I’ve never heard of before! Ah, I’m going to look a few of these up 🙂

    lots of love, Jasmin

  9. I want to try the LA ROCHE-POSAY sunscreen mist, I like the idea of spraying sunscreen on your face vs rubbing it in. I’m going to do a quick search on it now. MAC Fix Plus is legit, it is perfect on my skin and I need to grab another bottle 🙂 Thank you so much for collaborating with me, it was so much fun working with you.

    Natonya |

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