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Hello everybody,
Welcome to my little space on the internet!
I’m Huda, a 22 years old introvert who’s passion for all things beauty let to the start of this blog. Although this blog was started mainly as an outlet for me to share my love for makeup with the rest of the world; it quickly turned in to my comfort place where I would come to share my opinions, thoughts and bits of life with my lovely readers. Starting this blog was the best decision I have ever made- this blog is now more than just a hobby to me and something I am extremely proud of!

I am from Pakistan; however I have lived most of my life in UAE. I remember spending hours on end on YouTube as a kid watching all these lifestyle and beauty gurus sharing their talent and advice with the rest of the world and being so inspired by them. It is safe to say that seeing them do what they love motivated me to start this blog.

All in all, I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger and you can find posts such as beauty reviews, makeup looks, MOTD/OOTD’S, self care, life updates, blogging tips and so much more on here!